On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it is a pleasure to invite you to the SYSBIOHEALTH SYMPOSIUM 2009 in Milan, focused on Systems Biology, the new paradigm of biological research.

In recent decades, new techniques in molecular biology and other life sciences have generated a tremendous amount of data on biological systems. Interpretation of this wealth of data, which would lead to knowledge of complex biological functions, is by no means easy. Systems biology integrates mathematics, chemistry, physics, informatics, engineering and other fields to enhance understanding of biological processes.

Systems Biology is therefore an approach by which biological questions are addressed through integrating experiments with computational modeling and theory in reinforcing cycles.

This year the Symposium organized at the University of Milano-Bicocca is at its third edition: the “International Workshop on Systems Biology 2005” was aimed at introducing Systems Biology in its multidisciplinary aspects; the SysBiohealth Symposium 2007 was structured to prove how Systems Biology is essential for achieving deeper knowledge of the way biological systems function and for applying these findings to a more targeted and efficient drug discovery process.
The major topic of the SysBioHealth Symposium 2009 will be phosphorylation of proteins within cellular networks, as a tool for the generation of emergent properties of the networks. In addition, research underway in the FIRB/Italbionet will be presented through invited lectures, as well as selected presentations from received abstracts.

The Symposium will be very useful to young investigators to better understand this new field, as well as for establishing and reinforcing national and international scientific collaborations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Milan.

Lilia Alberghina

Scientific Commitee
: Lilia Alberghina, Luciano Milanesi, Cristina Messa, Paolo Mocarelli, Francesco Nicotra, Danilo Porro